“All I ever wanted was an unfair advantage, and now I have it.” - Vernon W. Holleman, Jr.


M Financial Group

M Financial Group Membership allows BCG Holleman clients to acquire superior life and disability insurance products and receive superior service for the life of those products.

M Financial Group is recognized as one of the nation's premier financial services distribution companies for affluent and corporate markets. M was initially formed in the late 1970's to gain market scale for the member firm's clients and has grown to a network of roughly 115 quality-driven entrepreneurial firms across the country.

M gives us an unfair advantage
over our competitors.

Equally important to BCG Holleman clients is the idea and experience sharing the firm gains from interacting with our M brethren - this allows us to complete our mission of never-ending improvement of our knowledge, ideas, teamwork, strategic relationships, and delivery of client service.

The Technical Story

The reason our product offerings are argued to be superior to "off-the-shelf" products is that our clients tend to be more focused than the average market consumer - they take better care of themselves, acquire insurance on purpose, buy more of it, and fund it at sustainable levels. Over the years this has led to a superior block of coverage for M's partner carriers, i.e. M's clients have proven to be better risks and cost less to do business with, thus those savings are passed on to the consumer through better (superior) pricing of proprietary products exclusively offered through M Financial Firms.

M Financial Group is one of the nation's premier financial services distribution companies, serving affluent individuals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and Fortune 1000 companies through an exclusive network of over 115 successful and innovative independent financial services firms.

Founded in 1978 on the revolutionary idea that individual success could best be achieved through collective efforts, the Member Firms of M Financial Group work together to make each other even more successful and share a common focus: to offer a broad range of insurance, investment and executive benefit solutions designed to help clients meet their financial goals. In many respects, M Member Firms have the best of both worlds - access to the resources of a large organization of leading financial services firms and the independence to serve the best interests of their clients.

M Financial Group consists of - and is owned by - a national network of more than 115 independent Member Firms carefully chosen from among the elite leaders in the industry. M Member Firms are committed to serving their clients in the most ethically responsible and strategically sound manner. While Member Firms may specialize in specific fields, all are experts in dealing with the complex issues that face affluent clients and their advisors. Member Firms regularly work with top legal, accounting, banking, and other advisors to guide affluent clients and corporations in making important financial decisions.

M Financial Group was founded on the principle that "off-the-shelf" products simply do not meet the needs of the affluent and corporate markets. The client base of M Member Firms represents extraordinary premium volume, mortality, and persistency trends, as well as exceptionally high average policy face amounts. This, coupled with M's buying power - Member Firm sales totaled $1.1 billion in 2006 - translates into the ability to work closely with major insurance carriers and product manufacturers to create innovative and proprietary products designed for wealth preservation and executive benefits programs.

Working with an M Member Firm provides the assurance of working with professionals whose interests are aligned with those of their clients and who can provide truly customized approaches for specific client needs.

Because we are a part of M Financial Group, our clients have access to a number of advantages, including M Financial Group's purchasing power, proprietary products, expertise, carrier alliances, and due care.

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